Atefeh Khas

Atefeh Khas (Iran)

Born in Tehran 1985


Atefeh Khas is an Iranian artist who was born in 1985. She received her MA in Art Research from Alzahra University, 2014, and BFA in Painting from Shahed University in Tehran, in 2010. She is a member of an environmental artists group Open 5 since 2005. She was the Art Director of Environmental Art Festival in Abr Forest in 2014. She was curator of “video Persia” exhibition in South Korea in 2013 and “WaterWheel” online exhibition in 2016.  She has been participated in more than thirty Environmental Art Festivals in Tehran, Sangsar, Shahroud, Kerman, Qazvin, Polour, Hormuz Island, Shoushtar, Urmia, Khoram Abad, Semnan, Isfahan, Shiraz and Nowshahr since 2005. Her works has been exhibited internationally such as: “Focus Iran: Contemporary Photography and Video at the Craft and Folk Art Museum in Los Angeles”, “Kathmandu International Art Festival in Nepal” and more in: Canada, United State, Belgium, Romania, South Korea, France, Greece, Bulgaria, Hungry, Tunisia and Poland. She was selected for the Environmental Art Residency Program in South Korea in 2012 .Her works published on the: cover magazine of “The Middle East in London” University of London (SOAS) in 2015, the Yatoo-i Environmental Art Calendar 2015, e-book- Water Views: Caring and Daring 2015, the International Environmental Art Wall Calendar 2012 with Low Art Group. She had two workshops about environmental art in 2014 at: Tehran university, Faculty of Art and The 5th Annual Contemporary Art Persbook with Open 5 Group. She was selected for the Almaken 2nd International Contemporary Art Festival in Tunisia in 2016.


Nature is a pure place for my artistic inspiration. It is also the place for finding myself. This is for the human who finds meaning in nature, who comes from nature, and who will return to it again. All challenges of human life, all concerns and plights of modern life, can be forgotten in nature for a quiet moment. Traveling, exploring nature, moving beyond the stressful city life, human and natural, are some of the themes that I seek to explore in my work. Performance, fiber installation, site specific projects, film and photography are the varied ways I use to express this deep searching.






M.A. in Art Research, Alzahra University, Tehran, Iran, 2014

B. F. A. in painting, Shahed University, Tehran, Iran, 2010

Diploma in Graphics, Masoumyeh Vocational School, 2004



Selected Past Group Exhibitions:

2016 - The 7th Geumgang Nature Art Biennale 2016 Video Exhibition ‘Water’. Aug & Oct 2016

2016 - Participate in the Exhibition of Nature art-Variations,"Eco-avantgarde", Kunsthalle Institution of

           the Hungarian Academy of Arts- Budapest, Hungary

2016 - “Sew + Zan” - Curator: Saghar Daeri, 27 May to 7 June 2016 - Tarahan Azad Gallery - Tehran,


2016 - “Rite of Passage” – co-curated by Minoosh Zomorrodinia & Arash Shirinbab at Ziya Art Center–

            February & March 2016, Oakland- USA

2015 - The Special Exhibition of Geumgang Nature Art Pre-Biennale 2015 “The Exhibition Between


            & Earth” -October 7th– November 30th -South Korea

2015 - International Contemporary Art Exhibition at Al Maken - In Situ, Tunisia

2015 - Living Spaces- group exhibition and workshop at Transilvanian Art Center and Daniel Castel- July

           2015- Transilvania, Romania

2015 - Performance at Fish & Coral Persian Gulf Exhibition (The Second Annual Bio Environmental

           Illustration/Painting & Performance Art Exhibition) –Niavaran Art Center -  April & May 2015

2015 - Focus Iran: Contemporary Photography and Video ,Exhibition Date: January 25 through May 3 of

           2015 at the Craft and Folk Art Museum- by Farhang Foundation- Los Angeles, America

2014 - The second Group exhibition of “Earth & Time” the world of environmental art in Iran, Iranian


           Forum,15 - 24 December 2014

2014 - The 5th Annual Contemporary Art Persbook, with Open 5 Group, Title of the exhibition “Root”,

          11- 21 July 2014

2014 - The review of a decade of video art in Iran , January 2014 _ Iranian Artist’s Forum _ Tehran _ Iran

2013 - Hiroshima Memorial Exhibition titled by “644” – 9th to 22nd  August – Qasr Museum – Tehran,


2013 - “Unexposed” 40 young women artists from Iran – July 2013 _ Elaheh Gallery – Tehran, Iran

2013 - Sheila Gallery’s Third Anniversary _ Painting, Performance, Installation and Music _ from 10 May to

           26 2013 – Tehran, Iran

2013 - Reminiscence of the Land – 26 April to 31 May 2013 – South Korea

2013 - Group exhibition “Earth & Time” the world of environmental art in Iran, Iran Artists’ Forum –

           January 2013- Iran

2012 - Group Exhibition in Sheila Gallery- performance “My belief is not yellow” – December 2012 -

           Tehran, Iran

2012 - Kathmandu International Art Festival, November- December 2012, Nepal

2012 - “Unexposed” 40 young women artists from Iran- November – Brussels, Belgium _ Athens, Greece

           (Cacoyannis Foundation) _  Warsaw, Poland (Ethnography Museum)

2012 -  YATOO International project nature art exhibition in Rumania

2012 - “Beyond Limited Spaces”, invited Iranian Nature Artists Exhibition, October & November, South


2012 - Persbook Exhibition in Iraninan Artists’ Forum, with Open 5 Group and Low Art Group ,

           September, Tehran , Iran

2012 - Group exhibition in Iranian Artists’ Forum, Tehran- India – I.R.Iran cultural week

2012 - Environmental Group Exhibition “ Wind of Persia”- Arko Center- Seoul, South Korea

2011 - The 6th National Sculpture Biennial of Tehran With Open 5 Group-Tehran- Iran

2011 - 2nd Iranian contemporary art online contest (Persbook) selected in Installation part- with Low Art


2011 - Iran Environmental Artists’ Selected Works- Isfahan Museum of Contemporary Art- Oct, Nov

2011 - GOOD WORK_ A celebration of the makers and making of textiles – At the Textile Art Center and

           Oak knit Studio - June 2011- New York, USA

2010 - 1st Iranian contemporary art online contest (Persbook)  with Open 5 Group and Exhibition in Sin

           Art Gallery “Spaceless”

2010 - (Re) Fashioning Fiber at GreenSpaces NY with Low Art Group- Curator: Abigail Doan- New

           York ,USA

2009 - “Painting Group Exhibition”Shahed art Gallery , Tehran Iran

2008 - The 3rd painting exhibition of Homa art gallery (Montakhabe nasle noo) fall 2008,Tehran,Iran

2008 - “New Languages, New Art”, Laleh Gallery, Tehran Iran

2007 - “Flight & Persistence Exhibit” in cooperation with Open 5 Group, Saba Cultural and Artistic


2006 - The 1st Tehran Women Painting, Niavaran Cultural House, Tehran Iran

2006 - Line/Dot Workshop, with Low Art Group, Faculty of Art, Shahed University

2006 - “Ashoura Manifestation Exhibit,” Saba Cultural and Artistic Institute, Iran, with Open 5 group


Selected Festivals:

2016 - The second annual Al Maken Contemporary Art Festival « In Situ », 28 Aug to 6 Sep 2016 -

           Gafsa, Tunisia

2015 - The 28th Festival Les Instants Vidéo 2015 in Marseille- The title for this year festival

           (not definitive) is You expected me virgin. I expected you not to be a dumbass - November 2015


2015 - 4th Environmental Art National Festival and Little Sculpture – 14 to 18 September – Shiraz, Iran

2013 - The 44th Environmental Art Festival in Sangsar _ 25 to 28 of September _ Iran

2013 - Sustainable Tourism in Abr Jungle – July 2013 - Iran

2013 - Tehran’s Environmental Art Festival - Laleh Park - February & March 2013 - Tehran, Iran

2012 - 25th Instants Video Festival, November 2012, Marseille, France

2012 - Tirgan Recycling Art Festival, Abr Jungle, August ,Iran

2012 - Environmental Art Festival, Kerman, Iran, July 2012

2011 - Rok-Iran Artist Exchange Residency Project- 20 Nov. 4 Dec –with UNICEF- Masoole-Iran

2011 - Tirgan Festival in Toronto with Low Art Group - Canada- July 21-24, 2011

2011 - Participate in “Tasvire Sal” Festival, Photo Art with Open 5 Group, Tehran- Iran

2011 - Participate in" Autama2011" video art festival, with "Fireworks" video, France, with Open 5 Group

2011 - Participate in" Videoholica" video art festival, with "Fireworks" video, Bulgaria, with Open 5 Group

2011 - Participate in 1st "Recycle art" festival, with Low Art group, Qazvin

2011 - The 31st   environmental art festival, January 2011, Hormoz Island, Iran

2010 - Shoshtar Art Festival- University of Shoshtar

2010 - The 25th environmental art festival, January 2010, Hormoz Island, Iran

2009 - The 24th environmental Art Festival, Urmia Lake, Iran

2009 - The 23rd  environmental art festival in Poloor ,Pardis (The International Residental center of

           Environmental Art), July 2009

2009 - The 20th Environmental art Festival . Hormoz Island. Iran

2008 - The 19th Environmental Art Festival in Bagh Bahadoran , Esfahan , Iran

2008 - The 17th Environmental Art Festival in Polor , Pardis Art Center(The International Residental

           center of Environmental Art)

2008 - The 16th Environmental Art Festival in Noshahr ,Marlik University, Iran

2007 - Fine Art Festival in Khoram Abad, Iran

2007 - The 15th Environmental Arts Festival, Hormaz Island Iran

2007 - Snowy Town Festival in cooperation with Panjbaz Group, ranked first

2006 - The 13th Environmental Art Festival, Hormoz Island Iran

2006 - New Art Festival, with Low Art group,  Art University of Semnan, Semnan Iran

2006 - The 12th  New Art Festival in Polor, Pardis Art center(the International Residental center of

           Environmental Art)


Other Activities:

2016 - Published work on the poster of SOAS Centenary Conference (University of London) for

           Environmental Challenges in the MENA Region, London Middle East Institute, with Courtesy of Janet

           Rady Fine Art- October 2016

2015 - Published “Metamorphosis” work on e-book: Water Views: Caring and Daring, download link:


2015 - Published work on cover magazine of “The Middle East in London” , University of London (SOAS),

           Volume 11- Number 2- February and March 2015

2015 - Published work on Yatoo-i Environmental Art Calendar 2015 _ a work from “Reflection of me”


2014 - Art Director of Environmental Art Festival in Abr Forest_ 6 - 8 August 2014

2014 - Workshop about Environmental Art (with Open 5 Group), The 5th Annual Contemporary Art

           Persbook, Title of the exhibition “Root”,12 of July 2014

2014 - Lecture and Workshop about Environmental Art, Tehran university- Faculty of Art, June 2014

2014 - Published work on Yatoo-i Environmental Art Calendar 2014 – with Open 5 Group

2014 – Live performance at Waterwheel Word Water Day Symposium, water views: CARING AND

           DARING, 17-23 MARCH 2014

2013 – Curator of “Video Persia Art” exhibition with Fereshteh Alamshah – in collaboration with The

           Korean Nature Artist’s Association YATOO – 3rd August to 3rd 2013 – Geumgang International

           Nature Art Center - South Korea

2012 - Residency of Nature Art, October & November 2012, Wongol International Residency Center,

           South Korea

2011 - Published work on International Environmental Art 2012 Wall Calendar with Low Art Group –

           Amber Lutos Publication

2005 - Member of “Open5” and “Persian New Art” Group from 2005



2012 - Finalist in Eco Art Awards, Open 5 Groups, Online contest, USA

2007 - Winner of the Group Prize, New Art Festival Flight & Persistence, Saba  Cultural and Artistic

           Institute, Collaboration with Open 5 Group, Tehran, Iran.

2007 - Winner of the First Group Prize, Snowy Town Festival in collaborating with Open 5 Group,

           Charmahal & Bakhtiyari, Iran,








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