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لطفا برای دیدن ویدیوها از فیلتر شکن استفاده نمایید

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Hormoz Island, Iran, 2016

I was walking by the seaside at afternoon. That day was a national holiday which usually people come to seaside to spend their time there. I recognized that everywhere is full of garbage and people left their rubbish in the sea. I came back home to bring my camera to record the result of the holiday! It was like a mourning. The rubbish was like many corpses floating on the sea. Maybe people left them far away from my place but the garbage immigrated there and they will immigrated to all over the world.


The Video was shown in Breathing Art, The 7th Geumgang Nature Art Biennale 2016

Video Exhibition ‘Water’. Aug & Oct 2016




جزیره هرمز، ایران، 1394

 ویدیو در نمایشگاه Breathing Art

هفتمین بینال هنر در طبیعت جیومیونگ - نمایشگاه ویدیو با موضوع "آب" – شهریور و مهر 95 به نمایش در آمده است.


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