Atefeh Khas

 Snakes and Ladders

(From Play Series)

In this artwork, I was inspired by a game, which I used to play in my childhood. During the art residency in Wongol, I made this piece with natural material. As an environmental artist, the use of natural materials is very important to me. I want to see and explore nature and combine it with my experience and my memory.


How to play

It’s a real game and people can learn TO play IT easily. You must have at least two persons to PLAY. The instruction of this game ARE:   MOVEMENT IS BASED ON ROLLING THE DICE.  Any time you encounter a snake, it takes you down and you have to GO backward. When you reach a ladder, you keep going and move forward!   In order to win in this game, you need to pass all the squares and reach the last one.


Installation at The Residency of Nature Art in Wongol International Residency Center,

South Korea, 2012

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مار و پله

چیدمان در رزیدنسی هنر طبیعت، مرکز بین المللی وونگول

کره جنوبی، 1391

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